Management Consultant

Inspiration and motivation

“I value Tricia’s calm, professional approach to our work.
We have made tremendous progress since we started working with her.”
Director, Voluntary sector organisation

Tricia Wass Associates

Work with individuals

“Thank you for all your support and words of wisdom over the past year
– you have helped me to believe in myself.”
Macmillan Programme Manager for Cancer Patient Experience

Working with Organisations

Community and voluntary sectors

“Thank you for all your support this year.
It makes such a difference to have this constructive, supportive space that you create
and you help me to clarify my thoughts and feelings that sometimes end up tangled below the surface of my busy-ness!
The main things that make our sessions so helpful is the calm, thoughtful and genuine style you bring and the sense of trust you inspire.”
Specialist Palliative Care Physiotherapist

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Work With Organisations

Tricia’s work with organisations includes:
Organisational development, Service development, review and evaluation
Strategic planning, Team building, Supporting organisational mergers.


Work With Individuals

Tricia’s work with individuals includes:
Mentoring and external supervision, Learning sets, Management and leadership development, Coaching and career development.



 Reflect and Recharge  A two day residential workshop, dates to be announced

We will work collaboratively with you to develop bespoke training which meets the specific needs of your team or organisation, or you can attend one of our established training courses.



In a rapidly changing business environment, the ability of organisations to adapt quickly and creatively to new challenges is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. Yet executives often learn from bitter experience that it is not as easy to achieve as it sounds.

  • Do you find that your business performance is not meeting your expectations?
  • Have you articulated the vision but your leadership team seems unable to translate it into practice?
  • Are internal organisational relationships obstructing progress?

Tricia Wass is a highly experienced management and process consultant who can help you address these and other business challenges. Her speciality is in the field of interpersonal relationships within organisations, recognising that it is PEOPLE who have to change for business to change. By skilled facilitation and expert understanding of group processes, Tricia is able to effect lasting change, always with the aim of ensuring workforce alignment with your organisational objectives.

Tricia offers a range of tailored interventions:-

  • Executive and individual coaching and mentoring
  • Work with groups and teams to enhance motivation , including training delivery
  • Addressing hotspots, such as conflicts, relationship difficulties or resistance within the workforce
  • Support with business processes such as strategic planning, change management and organisational evaluations

Since 1995, Tricia has worked with a team of associates, broadening the range of work undertaken to include training, research and audit, IM &T and organisational mergers. The team has established a reputation for its consistently creative, flexible and solution-focused approach.

Tricia Wass Associates has benefited a wide range of clients in different sectors, from health and social care to publishing and legal practice and spans private, statutory and community organisations. As part of the their ethos they have undertaken various pro bono projects over the years  both in the UK and Internationally, to support enterprises with strong community value.