Working with a range of organisations

Tricia Wass Associates’ work with organisations includes:

• Organisational development • Service development, review and evaluation
• Strategic planning
• Team building
• Supporting organisational mergers

“It’s great to have a safe pair of hands guiding us through policy debates and various action plans. She is such a positive influence on our work.”
Chief Executive of a disability arts organisation

Organisational Development

We can strengthen your organisation in delivering its objectives by
• reviewing whether your structures and systems are ‘fit for purpose’
• building infrastructure and developing policy protocols and procedure
• defining roles and responsibilities and recommending governance and 
accountability structures
• designing monitoring and evaluation systems
• creating marketing and commercial strategies.


Service development, review and evaluation

We can providing an external and objective assessment of service performance and support service development and redesign by:
• evaluating service provision outcomes
• identifying examples of best practice and optimum models of service
• helping turn new ideas into viable and deliverable services
• recommending appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems
• supporting front line staff to redesign services and manage the change process
• engaging and involving key stakeholders


Strategic planning

We can support your organisation in its strategic planning by:
• providing co-ordination, facilitation and scoping
• working with senior managers and trustees to develop or review a strategy so that it delivers organisational performance targets
• designing and implementing programmes to engage staff, service users and other stakeholders, ensuring maximum ownership of the vision
• leading on formal or informal consultation processes with stakeholders
• developing action plans to implement the strategic vision


Team building

We can strengthen the performance of individuals and their ability to work together
as a team by:
• providing individual supervision and coaching (see individual work) and working with the team group, including facilitating residentials
• defining shared team goals and how to achieve them
• problem solving and resolving conflict
• providing training in development and project management
Organisational mergers
We can support you to manage the change process and minimise the potential negative impact of organisational merger by :
• managing the transition and creating cohesion.
• delivering ‘due diligence’ ·
• developing common goals and practice
• bringing together disparate teams
• bringing clarity and ownership
• enshrining best practice and ensuring quality


Our clients

Recent projects include work with:
Macmillan (evaluation of an end-of-life homecare service)
Islington Women’s Aid (service review, organisational merger, database development 
and IT support) 
RISE formerly Brighton Women’s Refuge Project (managed a lengthy and robust 
organisational restructuring over a two year period) 
Wandsworth PCT (organisational development across 26 primary care organisations) 
Trinity Hospice (clinical supervision, management support and service review) 
St. Wilfrid’s Hospice (training in management and leadership and review of 
psychosocial services) 
SHAPE (governance training in disability/arts sector)


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Other Clients Include

• Action for Change

• Amaze Brighton

• Brent and Harrow Health Authority

• Barnardos

• Federation of Voluntary Sector care Providers

• 4 Counties Palliative and Supportive Care Network

• Camden and Islington Health Authority

• Camden Youth Office


• Consumers Association

• Dimbleby Cancer Care

• East Thames Housing Group

• GIOS Language School

• Greenwich PCT

• Health and Housing Project


• Initiatives of Change

• Inner London HIV Health Commissioners

• Islington Women’s Aid

• Kings College Hospital NHS

• Lambeth PCTL.S.L. HA

• London Regional Office

• Lucas Sandberg Associates

• Mainliners Drug Service

• Macmillan

• Motiv8

• National AIDS Trust

• Project LSD

• New Era Housing Association
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• PHARE programme of the European Union• Red Admiral Project

• Redbridge DAAT

• RISE (formerly Brighton Women’s Refuge)

• Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust

• Royal Hospital NHS Trust

• SANANIM Prague

• Save the Children


• Share Community


• Step Out ArtsStonewall Housing

• The Stonewall Group

• Strutton Housing Association

• St Raphael’s Hospice

• St Wilfrid’s Hospice

• Sussex Beacon

• Trinity Hospice

• The London Borough of Camden

• The London Borough of Newham

• The London Borough of Barking and Havering

• London Borough of Westminster

• Westminster Council

• Watford Community Drug and Alcohol Team

• Wandsworth Primary Care Trust

• Young Minds

• Online Marketting